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Storyboarding for Interactions

My network reached out to me early in March of 2013 for a last minute sub in for a sketching class at MakerHaus in Seattle. A little backstory, MakerHaus no longer exists, but it was an amazing space where a designer could go to for tools, resources, courses and rentals. I was introduced to Ario Jafarzadeh who is well known for teaching and courses at Makerhaus. His asked if I could work in a few activities for the topic “how and when to incorporate it into a design process and tips on how to sketch more effectively” We worked hopped on a video call and bounced around a few ideas. I shared with him the joint lecture series with NC State. He thought it was a great idea. I modified a few of the talks.

Together we taught seven students and found it ab intimate experience. I learned a bit of soft skills from Ario. He brought a sense of creativity and delight to the lecture. Truly making sketching super fun. He had the students create expressions on ovals to help illustrate emotions as one of the activities. I brought a more practical side to the session. I walked through the specific tactics for storyboarding in a more formal way.

Here are the original slides. Also note slide 21 -23 are from a talented NC state student who participated in the course mentioned above.

This post is listed under talks and resources because the presentation covers “How to storyboard”

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