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A Joint Lecture Series

NC State & T-Mobile Creation Center came together to offer students industry experience through the internal design team. The course called Special Topics: Design for Mobile Interaction was conducted in Spring 2010 by Professor Amber Howard. This joint efforts goal was to help students in graphic design to consider mobile interaction which opens up an entirely new spectrum of design opportunities:

  • Discover and define new mobile application opportunities
  • Experiment and test existing mobile applications
  • Apply mobile design methods “in the field.”
  • Hear and discuss with industry experts
  • Develop a critical perspective on the design process for mobile interaction

We broke this into four lectures:

  1. Contextual assessment lecture provided by Joyce Chou which helped student gain context and deep knowledge of the opportunity space.
  2. Storytelling lecture provided by Jon Mann which helped students think in scenarios and user stories.
  3. Interaction lecture provided by Prarthana Johnson which helped students break up user stories into flows and wireframes.
  4. Prototyping lecture provided by Ric Ewing which helped students understand how to prototype, test and iterate their solutions.

This is the wire framing lecture. (Today in 2019 nearly 9 years ago, this seems so out dated) What I find interesting, is so little has changed in the process of software development. 😃

I still remember many of the applications the students create. If I recall correctly, there was a music app prototype. Another provided music lessons for an instrument. The deep thinking, creativity in the process done by the students was incredible. This class was super successful and way far ahead of its time. I’ve seen applications with similar offerings today. I was very lucky to be part of this experience.

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