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A Round Robin Event called Touch & Beyond

This presentation was for Seattle IXDA + {Interact} event at Frog Design

Getting more comfortable speaking in front of people with my mentor Jon Mann provided significant growth in public speaking.

At this time, I was part of the IXDA Seattle planning committee which meant we were able to plan events and hot topics to bring to our design community. At that time, I worked along David Sherwin, David Kelly and a few others to bring this sold out round robin event live. Oh and I got to present too!

A round robin of 3 topics meant that we presented our topic on touch 3 times. I was so nervous since many of the senior execs at frog and across Seattle would be present. Our 2nd time was a home run and you can see the energy that Jon and I had together as well.

We presented an exploration of kinetic UI’s, novel brainstorming techniques and rapid prototyping examples. Our talk covered project and prototypes we explored at the Innovation Center at T-Mobile for our day jobs.

If you must, watch the recording. (the lighting wasn’t ideal)

Original slides presented are below.

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