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A Chat with Coursebirdie About UX Design

Early February 2016, I was contacted by in individual named Abhilasha Chauhan. This person wanted to meet up and hear about my point of view on design. As you already know, I’m open to having conversations we agreed to chat on Feb 9th at the SoundCloud offices in Berlin.

Quite honestly the entire experience was unplanned and unrehearsed. I’m pretty open minded. So, I was surprised with the video camera set up and microphone. The set up was super simple, I’m asked several questions by the interviewer and a camera person is recording. I don’t remember any retakes or repeats. Simple & Authentic.

I remember being quite laid back which offered a candid and honest interview. I was asked some great questions an I shared my raw answers. Apparently, the content was coherent. I shared information on how design changes the way consumers and brands interact. As well as my own journey in design and offer some advice.

Take a look at the video here:

Later I learned, that this video along with others helped kick off Coursebirdie with content. The person reached out is the co-founder and COO of Coursebirdie.

At the time, I’m not sure I felt I had anything important to share with others. After realizing many people have seen this video, I encourage everyone in our industry to share their experiences. Everyone has a unique point of view thats worth hearing!

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