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HCDE Students at University of Washington

A former colleague of mine named Sarah Zuberec, asked if I would share any one of my talks and experiences to a group of students in one of her Human Computer Interaction classes. She taught several classes for User Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE) Department.

Sarah is an amazing talented woman. I call her Mighty Mouse. She was a voice to recognize at Microsoft when I worked alongside her. She was a product manager and I was a newly hired senior designer for communicator. She is brilliant and passionate. All things I admire. Watching her navigate the constructs of Microsoft in 2010 was a learning experience. I suspect a bit of my grit comes from her by watching her interactions. So when she asked me to speak to her class, I made it happen.

I repurposed the presentation that I used for UX Istanbul 2015. This deck illusrates design process from ideas to delivery used at Skype. A great presentation for sharing. Also, I wanted to share the strategy shift from Human computer interaction (HCI) to the mental model of Human to Human Interaction (HHI) which we defined at Skype for social platforms. Since students at this program were being taught HCI I wanted to ensure that they also had the opportunity to rethink this model. Trends change and models can evolve.

This is the deck I used.

I still get reach outs from students in this class! I’ve had conversations over video with them to help them in their career.

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