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Official Launch of Unlikely Path

Hello world! Welcome to my first official post for this site. The idea of this site started when I needed to look for a new role after the downfall of a startup in Berlin. Where could all my insights and learnings go?

This site was created as an outlet for what I have been thinking at work or in life. I’m hoping through these insights I can share some thoughts that are spinning in my head through writing. Many of my challenges come from diverse perspectives as I’ve often shifted jobs or relocated. More recently, I shifted all of these at once; Design to Product Management, Exec to Senior Lead, Social Platforms to a Commerce Platform, Berlin to Ottawa, and Startup to a Hyper Growth Company. You’ll get to read these on this page.

I’ve had several people ask for advice on how to do things. Such as scaling teams, team structures, difficult conversations, levels of impact or even finding the next job. I’ve also been asked how to apply design thinking methodologies to our product craft, market positioning, quality of product, measuring UX, conducting workshops and more. I’ll share these in the resources page.

If you are curious of my past journey, take a look a the history of products I have helped shape and deliver through the talks page. Our teams started off running workshops to internal teams to help define product. Later, we transitioned similar workshops at conferences and events to bring our process to the public. As I gained confidence, I began speaking at events about my role and thinking behind many successes and failures that I have been part of.

For those who have encouraged me to get this going THANK YOU! (there are many of you)

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