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Good as hell

Also a song by Lizzo.

As a musician, Lizzo profoundly exudes confidence. During a live recorded event at Glastonbury 2019 Speech, she encourages the entire packed venue to preach a positive mantra in unison. Several quotes from her speech: 

“If you can love me you can love your god damn self” 

“Go home tonight and say I love you and you are beautiful and you can do anything!” 

“If we can save ourselves we can do anything! You can do it on your good days but you can especially do it on your bad days!”

Confidence is an incredibly important trait to exude in work and life. NOT to be confused with arrogance or ego. I truly believe people generally love being around people who are confident. They tend to be fun, authentic and inspiring. They do the things we only dream of. They have the confidence to take the leap.

These days, I find that I’m coaching others confidence and others are coaching me. Still today, most of my conversations were coaching folks to be assertive. I believe my job is to listen and reassure people that they are right and that their instincts are spot on. They just need someone to nudge them to be confident to speak up for themselves or their teams.

As you grow in leadership these are the conversations that become exceedingly important. You represent your company, org, your discipline and your team. Confidence plays a big role and self doubt needs to take a back seat. Speaking up can be as small as asking a clarifying question in front of others or a way to stand up for a belief based on your learnings. Sometimes it is standing up for yourself and doing that can feel exhausting. It’s stressful and scary, but it will get easier each time you give it a try. I promise you will feel relieved.

I’m not always confident. I was a pretty shy kid! Even today, my confidence comes in phases and during times that it doesn’t come naturally. Also, we all have those BAD DAYS! It got me thinking about the things I do to harness my inner confidence aside from Lizzo’s mantra. I have a full sleeve tattoo that marks my time in Berlin and my heritage. It makes me proud of who I am and as crazy as this sounds, a bad ass! 

Here are a few things I do for confidence that don’t require permanent ink:

  • A network of supporters an instant message away. They lift me up and remind me that I GOT THIS! 
  • A career coach or therapist to help you through your perspective
  • Spotify playlists “Next Chapter Confidence”
  • Play songs that remind me of my confidence
  • Clothes that make me feel like a rockstar
  • Fabulous hair
  • Lifting weights – physical strength can translate to emotional strength
  • Watch inspiring movies of people who have stood up for a cause

What are the things you do to build your confidence?

On that note with a hair toss, checking my nails.. I’m good enough…. I’m Good as hell…

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