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Spontaneous Invention

Jon Mann and I were asked to present at the Association of Professional Design Firms (APDF) Exchange event in San Francisco. APDF generally aimed to bring design firms together.

APDF exchange was an event to learn from renowned speakers and peers, share knowledge and expertise, network and meet new and old friends. This particular event was curated by the talented Shannyn Lee. We were asked to combine our view with five other design leaders representing four design firms; Gavin Kelly, Rob Girling, Steve Portigal and Scott MacInnes. We had several sessions over voice conference to prepare for our presentation.

Each of us conducted a portion of the presentation named “Spontaneous Invention”. Jon and I took the kinetic brainstorming workshop from before and improved on it. Here are images of our portion of the presentation.

The presentation is called Spontaneous Invention which represents all of our thoughts including Gavin Kelly, Rob Girling, Steve Portigal and Scott MacInnes.

As an ice breaker there was also an improv group who helped us get to know each other and also facilitating the event through out the day.

Also note Jaron Lanier was an amazing part of this event. He talked quite a bit about one source of truth on the internet. No longer having duplicates but one copy that many can access. Oh the future is here now!

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