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A Talk on a boat

Sometime in February 2016, a talented marketing manager at SoundCloud reached out to me. She asked if I was available to do a talk.

On a side note, part of my role at SoundCloud, I was accountable to help bring more visibility to design outside of our company. In order to accomplish this, I decided to participate in one speaking event a quarter. So, I committed to the event.

I asked her “What do you need?” and “Who is it for?” She mentioned she would get back to me and I would have to do very little. Just show up!

About a month later, she and two of my peers accompanied me the spree canal on March 10, 2016 to be part of and event called “BriteBoat – Music trends on the Spree!”

This event was well prepared with a preset topic and script through a 15 minute fireside chat. I was able to show up and answer the questions. I did ad-hoc a few times. I spoke from my heart on the future of music. In addition, we talked I was asked several questions on the future of music and ticketing.

At the event, I met Renaud Visage the CTO of eventbrite. I was confronted by many people due to the small space and some small talk. One particular person stood out. A reporter. A person who approached me at the event, he openly shared his passion to write an opinion pieced on SoundCloud. My peers and I were taken back. So, I was cautious about what I shared. Later, I was surprised to find this article published. Its pretty harsh on Soundcloud’s financials and a strong point of view on the future of the company. Thankfully, nothing unpleasant about me, but inaccurate information about reporting restructure. I reported to one of the founders.

On a side note, I did fully experiment with documenting my experience through snapchat. The product with all the hype then before instagram stories.

The wait.. and the boarding..

I know how to have fun…

The reality of being on a boat hit here…

I still can’t believe I did a speaking event on a boat on the spree canal in Berlin and met the CTO of Eventbrite.

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